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Tow Foundation

Tow Foundation

The Tow foundation already had an existing website: but, it was a static php website and they wanted to leverage the power of a Content Management System so they could easily provide more up-to-date content …More

Migrating to a CMS

Many businesses are finding the need to be able to provide up to date content to their visitors, on demand. Taking your current website and Migrating to a CMS, or building your new website on …More

Angeleah Design

angeleah design

Angeleah wanted her existing website to be easier to maintain, and wanted to keep the existing angeleah design website intact while upgrading the websites old code to use current web standards. I built the new …More

JQuery Gallery 2008

jquery gallery 2008

The JQuery Gallery was a final project I built from scratch for a Javascript (and JQuery) based course at North Island College. My main goal for the project was to demonstrate a number of JQuery …More