Hi, my name is Ben HartLenn and I’m a WordPress Developer. After 4 years of in-depth, hands on Freelance web development experience, my passion for building websites has only grown! I specialize in offering custom WordPress theme development, and building WordPress plugins to create unique and dynamic features for websites. That means I work from designs/PSD’s to build customized, responsive websites, fully tailored to meet each businesses unique needs.

WordPress is a fantastic platform

For developing professional business websites, efficient content management systems, and many other kinds of websites. My education and experience with the WordPress platform allow me to provide highly customized websites that are fine tuned machines that are specifically built to serve your businesses needs.

My websites are fully responsive

So as many devices and the widest audience possible can view them. Because I like to write my own code, I avoid bloated css frameworks that tend to slow down your site. Also, by writing clean, SEO friendly code, your website looks more favourable in the sea of organic search results displayed by search engines these days.

The websites I create are unique

And custom built from the ground up for your business. Sometimes prebuilt plugins or themes are good, but usually having something totally unique that your competitors don’t have is better! After building and fine-tuning your website continuously, I install and implement top notch security. This means your website will stay safe out there in the wild wide web. Your website will operate smoothly and efficiently for as long as you need it to, because I have invested the time to research the right tools and methods to use in my projects.

If you want to chat or ask me a question, or talk to me about working on your next web project, please Contact me now via email.