After being asked to develop a way to allow one of my clients to easily implement dynamic post information into their post content, I developed a collection of six powerful shortcodes that I called The Dynamic Post Meta Plugin. After being vetted, and accepted into the official WordPress plugin repository, Dynamic Post Meta is ready for you to use!

After installing and activating the Dynamic Post Meta plugin you gain access to 6 powerful shortcodes. Each shortcode allows you to add a piece of dynamic post meta information into your posts content editor. For example, instead of manually typing in another looonnnggg post title, you could simply add the [post-title] shortcode in your post content. Once you do, the shortcode version of the title will automatically update for you too!

The six shortcodes you gain access to are:

  • [post-permalink id=123] >> This shortcode adds a clickable permalink to a post.
  • [post-date id=123] >> This shortcode adds a posts published date to your post content.
  • [post-modified id=123] >> This shortcode displays the last time a post was edited.
  • [post-author id=123] >> This shortcode displays a post author’s nickname(may need to fill this field in).
  • [post-title id=123] >> This shortcode adds a post title to your post content.
  • [post-excerpt id=123] >> This shortcode adds a post excerpt into your post content.

By default all Dynamic Post Meta shortcodes will show the currently viewed posts meta information. If you add the “id=XXX” parameter to any of the six shortcodes, then they will show the respective post meta information for whichever post id you referenced.

The Dynamic Post Meta plugin is useful for displaying post information in your post content that automatically stays up-to-date and saves you time and money!

Download The Dynamic Post Meta Plugin now from the Official WordPress Plugin Page.